Brief description: 

The all-in-one data orchestration solution discovers, refines, enriches, and governs any type, variety, and volume of data across your entire distributed data landscape. It supports your intelligent enterprise by rapidly delivering trustworthy data to the right users with the right context at the right time.

  • Deployable anywhere – on premise, private and managed cloud services
  • Automated, reusable data pipelines for scale and efficiency
  • Unified metadata catalog for visibility across all data assets
  • End-to-end data landscape management for effective use of all data
  • Central graphical user interface to monitor and distribute data
Main Features: 

SAP Data Hub provides a single solution to quickly create powerful, scal-

able data pipelines that connect data sources without moving the data,

to enrich the data with context and to enable data quality, integrity, and

security. This dramatically decreases the time to deliver intelligent data

your business can use to optimize processes, respond to new information

and events, or expand your company’s portfolio of digital offerings.

Modeling data pipelines can activate powerful libraries for computation

or machine learning; for example, to rapidly connect data of a wide variety

of types, such as IoT, social media, customer, and product information.

Through modeling, you can also leverage existing processing investments,

such as capabilities in the SAP HANA® business data platform, Apache

Hadoop, or Apache Spark. Further, SAP Data Hub is taking advantage of

container technologies such as Docker and container management tools

such as Kubernetes. You can copy, modify, and reuse data pipelines to

accelerate the development and deployment of data-driven applications

Customer Benefits: 

SAP Data Hub ingests, processes, shares and analyzes diverse data with data pipelines. It orchestrates the pipelines with data workflows, provides effective data governance with metadata discovery and profiling capabilities, and helps provide complete visibility and control across the data landscape with an open and flexible architecture.

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