Brief description: 

IPlytics is a market intelligence tool to search and analyze technology and market landscapes. IPlytics’ artificial intelligence algorithm empowers users get actionable insights about competition, legal risks and technology potential from multiple data sources such as worldwide patent filings, technology standards, research articles, business news, company profiles or startup investments.

Main Features: 
  • Competition Analysis and Monitoring
  • Patent Valuation
  • Technology Landscaping
  • Technology Clustering
  • Technology Trends
Areas of Application: 

Patent- or corporate IP-departments, innovation departments, technology divisions, corporate strategy departments, C-level management of SMEs, M&A or new venture departments, strategic procurement departments, market intelligent divisions, IP consultants, patent attorneys, research organizations, public organizations.

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

IPlytics has developed the first AI algorithm that is able to valuate patents for specific technology clusters.

Customer Benefits: 

IPlytics Platform is a market intelligence tool that connects and visualize multiple data sources providing its users faster and more accurate technology and market insights. The visual interface provides clear results about a company’s activities concerning patenting, patent transactions, patent licensing as well as scientific research or standard setting contributions. Valuation indictors help to not only count but also valuate companies in their patent filing strategies. Sematic comparisons allow to navigate and browse among different data collections and document types.

Technological novelty: 

We use a neural network (Doc2Vec) to allow our system to learn from user interaction with our solution. Also we use a dimensionality reduction algorithm to decrease the size of our vector space. This is important since we have over 90 million patent documents that we compare to over 60 million research articles or 3 million standards documents.

Component / Service / App


IPlytics GmbH
Startup/SME (Accelerator/Incubator project)
Accelerator Project: 
Data Pitch
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Analytics
Financial and insurance activities
Information Service activities
Public administration (eGovernment)
Safety and Security
Urban Mobility
Readiness Level: 
We offer 6, 12 and 24 moth subscriptions
We are looking for a series A funding for scaling our international sales beyond Europe.