Brief description: 

The QROWD Data Acquisition Framework (QROWD DAF) is an Apache NiFi-based platform for data acquisition for Smart Cities. It is integrated into a FIWARE-compliant environment, meaning that it complies with the main principle of FIWARE:

  1. It uses FIWARE data models for city infrastructure
  2. It complies with the recommendations for smart cities issued by OASC regarding Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms. 
  3. It uses CKAN and the Orion Context Broker as main back-end of the acquisition pipelines

The QROWD DAF is going to be released under Apache 2.0 license by the QROWD project and has been developed by Atos Spain in the scope of the project. It offers ways to developers to create data flows and pipelines to ingest both data-at-rest and data-in-motion from different data sources. Using the NiFi graphical user interface, deveoplers can drag and drop prepared NiFi templates to integrate different data sources. The templates are ready for files, other CKAN resources and web services, but the framework is open to gather data from other sources such as sensors by using different FIWARE Generic Enalblers or other means. The only constraint is that the data should be formatted accordng to the FIWARE data models.

Main Features: 
  • Uses the Apache NiFi environment which allows extension of the framework and usability for developers
  • Uses FIWARE data models for city interoperability purposes
  • Open data acquisition in CKAN with a versioning mechanism in place
  • Dynamic data acquisition of status of the city from city services uplodade to the Orion Context Broker
  • Compatible with other FIWARE solutions, but also open to other environments
Areas of Application: 

Smart Cities

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The solution is going to be released under Apache 2.0 Open Source license and in colaboration with other QROWD solutions

Customer Benefits: 

Compatible with standards (CKAN, NGSI API)

Technological novelty: 

Usage of Apache NiFi in conjunction with CKAN and the FIWARE Context Broker

Platform / Framework


BDV Reference categories: 
Data Management
Data processing architectures
Data Visualisation and Interaction
Information Service activities
Public administration (eGovernment)
Urban Mobility
Readiness Level: 
Apache 2.0
data acquisition