Brief description: 

Histographer is a software platform for building holistic solution integrating multimodal histopathology data. This solution support histopathologists in making more informed decisions based on a larger amount of data (judging from similarity to other cases in their clinical practice or the identified likelihood in scientific literature). A prioritization of cases is considered, so that the cases with higher severity and likelihood of specific diseases will be presented for confirmation first, and the cases with smallеr likelihood – later, when there is enough time.

Main Features: 
  • Comprehensive referencial knowledge graph integrating medical information from all main ontologies in the domain (ICD9/10, SNOMED CT, Disease onotlogy, NCI ontology, UMLS, Mondo)
  • Unified histopathology based diganosis ontology as defined per ExaMode project
  • Automatic normalization of medical synopsis textual data to ExaMode ontology
  • Automatic mapping of image analysis outcomes to Examode Ontology
  • Building a holistic view based on a comprehensive knowledge graph
  • Similarity search for medical cases and prioritization
  • Mining research articles for similar cases
  • Semantic interoperability based on HL7 FHIR
Areas of Application: 


Histopathology decision support systems and triaging

Market Trends and Opportunities: 
  • AI supported image diagnostics (ML/DL)
  • Semantic data integration and
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Graph embedding and analytics
  • NLP and knowledge mining
Customer Benefits: 


  • Unified semantic model integrating results from image analysis and textual synopsis
  • Building holistic view with highly normalized multi-modal data
  • Inteligent similar case detection
  • Mining scientific research content
Technological novelty: 
  • Multimodal knowledge graph
  • Graph embedding
  • Deep multi-lingual text analysis
Platform / Framework
Class relationships
Visual graph functionalities
Links of a node
Query results visualization by visual graphs
Creating a predication index
Similarity search results


Sirma AI (Ontotext)
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Data Management
Data processing architectures
Information Service activities
Health and Wellness
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