Brief description: 

AEGIS has designed and implemented the AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit that is an extensible software with a wide application scope, ranging from Digital Forensic Analysis to Big Data analytics.

The AEGIS Advanced Visualisation Toolkit provides an extensible platform for data visualization and transformation. It is a versatile solution that can use different visualization techniques to cover the needs of IT experts as well as non-IT literate users. Via its intuitive monitoring dashboards, configurable visual representations and collaboration features, the toolkit serves as an advanced system that can support easy exploration and insight gaining from big volumes of multidimensional data.

Main Features: 

AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT) is a set of specialized tools that can turn input data into meaningful insights through creative visualizations. Key features include:

  • Visualizations of both batch data analytics and streaming analytics
  • Processing of large and complex data sets 
  • Addressing needs of experts and non-IT experts
  • Multiple Granularity in data representations
  • Advanced visualisations that include dynamic real-time graphs, spatiotemporal representations (interactive maps, etc) apart from traditional charts (pie, bar, etc)
  • Extensibility and customization for specific needs and requirements
  • Powerful User & Access Management
Areas of Application: 
  • Business and industry
  • Data-driven and decision-wise SMEs and large enterprises
  • Domain-agnostic solution
  • Digital economy
  • Information technology, services, research and retail etc.

Tangibly validated in telecommunication, banking and manufacturing sectors and relative use-cases.

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The Data Visualization Market is expected to have a significant growth (reach $ 19.20 Billion by 2027, based on Business Insights report) that accounts of the increasing inclination towards visual analytics, scientific visualization, and information visualization by various enterprises. The increasing adoption of data visualization in small and medium enterprises is expected to fuel the growth of the data visualization market that AEGIS AVT competes.

The incorporation of internet of things (IoT) in all aspects of business is adding to the increase in the number of data. The rising need for decisions to be made in a short span of time requires tools to help derive analytical information from large chunks of unorganized data in a quick turn-around time. Technological advancements and flexibility in business intelligence solutions are paving the need for data integration and data analysis across varied industry sectors, this has led to the growing requirements of data visualization software for graphical representation purposes. 

The market faces intense competition with many open source and proprietary offerings. The major differentiation factors of AVT offering are the specialized visualization needs of niche target market, the interactive visualization that supports and enhances the user’s insights and ease-of-use functionality that address the needs of experts and non-expert personnel.

Customer Benefits: 

The emerging nature of data visualization is encouraging a shift toward analytically driven businesses, where users can explore data in various forms of graphical representation, which were initially only available in tabular reports. Growth in big data, IoT and IIoT, customized reports for specific roles, ongoing training for business users, and constantly changing optimizing dashboards are the main benefits of AEGIS AVT offering. Moreover, factors, such as the shortage of skills, budget restraints and the lack of technical skills for report creation and data analysis, are highlighting the need for adoption of visualization tools, tailor-made for the specialized needs of data-driven domains.

Technological novelty: 

AEGIS AVT is designed with modularity and scalability in mind, offering multidisciplinary, intuitive and effective visualization and interaction capabilities for the end-users. Several types of programming languages and advanced visualization tools have been used to develop a platform easy-to-use for experts and non-expert users. The agnostic-domain nature of AVT allows the user to grasp information and insights from o large amount of data with ease. AVT also helps decision-makers to identify focus areas between multi-dimensional data-sets and offers effective features and tools to interpret the data.

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AEGIS IT Research LtD
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Startup/SME (Accelerator/Incubator project)
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Visualisation and Interaction
Financial and insurance activities
Information Service activities
Wholesale, retail and eCommerce
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Apache License 2.0
Big Data Visualisations
Advanced Visualisations