Brief description: 

The CSP solver is the heart of the IBM’s Data Fabrication Platform technology. The generated data is the solution of a constraint satisfaction problem created by the Platform engine out of the user defined data model. The complexity of a CSP depends on the number of variables and the complexity of the defined constraints. To fabricate significant amount of synthetic data many CSPs should be solved. The aim of this innovation is to solve many such CSPs concurrently. Cross-CSP data dependencies are handled as well by the new parallel solver. The new implementation enables order-of-magnitude improvement of the Platform performance and fabrication of big data.

Main Features: 
  1. Solving many CSPs concurrently
  2. Support for cross-CSP data dependencies
  3. Order-of-magnitude improvement of the Platform performance and support for fabrication of big data
Areas of Application: 

Fabrication of realistic synthetic structured data for all the use cases in which real data is not available yet or cannot be used due to privacy/security/confidentiality restrictions.

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The demand for realistic synthetic data is growing every year. It is required for development and testing of all data processing and data analytics products.

Customer Benefits: 

Significant speedup of the data fabrication process.

Platform / Framework


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Data Management
Financial and insurance activities
Information Service activities
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Part of an IBM product