Brief description: 

Our technology allows organizing the data according to their multidimensional attributes while building stratified samples at high-speed. Such a design has three main advantages: we can use a single system to manage transactional and analytical workloads; we enable interactive data exploration, both via visual interfaces and comparative analysis; third, Machine Learning algorithm can exploit a new type of data parallelism achieving faster results with a fraction of the computation cost.

Main Features: 
  • Faster analysis of data using fewer computing resources
  • Enable analyzing data that was previously difficult to assess due to its size
  • Computation flexibility through cloud resources
  • Fast and scalable Machine Learning algorithms
  • 3D Visual explorative analysis with space reduction techniques
  • Integrated transactional and analytical platform
  • Timely results: Choose between precision and execution time
Areas of Application: 
  • Business and industry
  • Digital economy
  • Research and Innovation
  • Serviceable Available Market: Global Big Data as a Service
  • Early adopters: Enterprise Cassandra and Spark users
  • Target customers: medium-small size tech companies with data in its core business
Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The markets of Data Analytics and Business Intelligence are mature and big, thus even when the market has many solutions already available, the competitive advantage of MuSES will be able to create a differentiation factor from the rest of competitors.

Customer Benefits: 

As described in the Main Features section, users are able to analyze their data faster and using less computing resources thanks to the efficient sampling technique offered by the platform. New opportunities of analyzing data arise from that gain in capacity. The visualization tools enhanced with space reduction techniques simplify vastly the visual analysis of the processed data.

Technological novelty: 
  • Qsience: A laboratory for data science, equipped with ready to use tools to analyze Big Data on our platform.
  • Qdev: The gateway to Qbeast’s engine. The place for Data Engineers to build and design data processing pipelines.
  • Qinsights: The BI tool for the data-driven business users. Empower your whole organization to use Big Data insight.
  • Qadmin: Access and Security Management. Console to manage multiple user access. Administer security groups, create advanced access control rules, review data accesses and more.
Platform / Framework


Cesare Cugnasco
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Analytics
Data Management
Data processing architectures
Data Visualisation and Interaction
Financial and insurance activities
Information Service activities
Public administration (eGovernment)
Readiness Level: 
N/A, offered as a Service Platform
Looking for early adopters and innovators to test the platform, and investors to help build brand awareness and speed-up development.
Efficient Sampling
Multidimensional Indexing