Brief description: 

SOFIA DSS is a model and data-driven system that addresses the challenge of personnel evaluation and recruitment. Whether HR Managers need to evaluate the performance of their employees to reward the employee of the month/year or to assess the skills and personality of candidates so as to hire the right person, SOFIA DSS enables them to make more exact, fair, and efficient decisions.

SOFIA is an intelligent solution that helps managers to focus on their most valuable asset, their people, not spreadsheets and written reports. It has the advantage of creating new datasets from existing and new data, offering the flexibility of multi-stage and multi-user evaluation.

RENVIS has developed SOFIA DSS during the Data Pitch Acceleration Programme and is now building a great marketing strategy through our participation in the DMS Accelerator Programme.

Main Features: 

Decision Models

A key feature of SOFIA DSS is the multi-stage evaluation, that enables the creation of decision hierarchies. You can create an employee performance evaluation model, by defining the employee’s skills as the model’s factors and by assigning them weights based on their importance for your company.


Decision Forms

Given the decision model, decisions forms can be created to rate the skills and personality of each employee, on zero to ten scale. The decision forms represent the employees, while the scores, the employee’s assessment by the HR Manager.



An aggregation table that contains the employees’ comparative results is exported. Each form exports a final score, for each basic factor. The results are visualized on a Radar chart, in order to compare the results of the employees and reward the employee of the month/year.


Users & Roles

SOFIA DSS offers the flexibility of multi-user evaluation. You can create, manage and divide users into Administrators, Managers & Employees.

Areas of Application: 

SOFIA DSS is applicable in the field of Human Resource Management. More specifically, its 2 basic areas of application are:


Employee Performance Evaluation

SOFIA DSS enables HR Managers to assess the work performance of each employee, determine their contribution to the organizational goals and identify and award the employee of the month.


Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Managers can assess each candidate for a specific job position, compare their personalities and skills, and hire the most suitable one for their organization.

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

One of 2020’s Human Resource (HR) evolving trends is that, companies are using more AI tools into their everyday operations, to simplify their processes and to increase efficiency. The majority of companies initially implement AI based HR tools for talent acquisition, but then, they adopt AI techniques to manage the employee’s performance, verify experience on resumes, detect behaviors, etc.


The Core HR software market is expected to grow from $6.47 billion in 2017 to $9.89 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 8.8% during the forecast period, according to MarketsAndMarkets reportSeveral factors, such as automation increase in HR and cloud development and various sectors such as government, manufacturing, energy, retail, healthcare, transportation, banking, education, media, etc, contribute to the HR software market growth.


Two main market opportunities are that i) organizations incline toward HR Analytics and ii) SMEs increasingly adopt HR software.

Customer Benefits: 

SOFIA is a simple, easy-to-use, and innovative system, that addresses the challenge of personnel recruitment and evaluation. It helps HR Managers to focus on people, not spreadsheets and written reports, and make more precise, fair, and efficient decisions. It is an advanced model & data-driven SaaS, cloud based, that solves complex business challenges and visualizes the solutions in a user-friendly way. It is Flexible, Modular, Scalable, and Adaptable to each company’s needs. Furthermore, its implementation cost is low and it uses existing infrastructure. Companies shall use it tomorrow!

Technological novelty: 

SOFIA is a SaaS DSS with an API architecture that is designed with modularity and scalability in mind, which means it can relate to other software, such as ERP, to collect data and to receive information about candidates and employees. Our DSS offers the flexibility to create custom-made decision models, by identifying factors and weights. Each factor can have a score from 0 to 10 and the calculation method currently used is the weighted average. However, the scores’ calculation method is elastic and can be modified according to the industry’s needs.

Component / Service / App
A model with different factors and weights about the performance evaluation of an employee
A form with different factors and scores about the performance evaluation of an employee
An overall comparison chart between 2 employees


Startup/SME (Accelerator/Incubator project)
Accelerator Project: 
Data Pitch
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Analytics
Data Management
Data processing architectures
Data Visualisation and Interaction
Financial and insurance activities
Information Service activities
Public administration (eGovernment)
Wholesale, retail and eCommerce
Transport, storage and logistics
Health and Wellness
Readiness Level: 
Starter, Basic, Professional licenses
RENVIS was funded (100.000€) by Data Pitch Accelaration Programme for the development of SOFIA DSS, and we are interested in additional seed funding opportunities for business development and marketing activities.
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