Brief description: 

The Analytical Map of COVID-19 Spread in the Czech Republic is available at (switch to EN in the settings menu at top left). 

It allows analysing amounts of people infected by the COVID-19 by interactive filtering in map and charts. Analyse the data by clicking in the barcharts and by selecting the regions directly in the map. Different combination of filters can be applied for deeper insights, for instance by selecting a single country of infection, the distribution of cases originating in this country is visualised over time, region, sex and age. Or select the above-70 years age group and consult the regions with the highest amounts of infected seniors.

Data: Provided by the Regional Hygienic Offices of the Czech Republic. Data is regularly updated.
Data source: Ministry of Health of the Czech Rep.

Main Features: 

Interactive analysis of COVID-19 spreading in Czechia over time, per regions, sex, age, and country of infection.

Areas of Application: 

Intended for general public use.

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

There is an opportunity to create the Analytical Map of COVID-19 Spread in the EU. The main goal is to integrate, visualise & analyse relevant data to tackle the spread of COVID-19 in Europe at the level of regions. To develop such an analytical map, the COVID-19 data in the same structure for multiple EU countries, with the minimum granularity per NUTS3 regions, is required.

Customer Benefits: 

get deep data-driven insights about the spread of COVID-19

Technological novelty: 

innovative GPU-powered data analytics and visualisation. Built on top of WebGlayer (open source)

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Startup/SME (Accelerator/Incubator project)
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Data Analytics
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Data Visualisation and Interaction
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open source or monthly subscription
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