Brief description: 

It is estimated that there will be a period of 2 or 3 years until the world population is vaccinated due to logistical problems. Our idea is to reduce this period as much as possible and that the distribution from the different laboratories to the population is done in a controlled way by the health authorities. We´ll create a centralized information platform with data from our current and new laboratories. We´ll also include the epidemiological data from each region in Europe and model all available transport´s options so that the supply network can change quickly to adapt to the epidemic

Main Features: 

Our Solution will analyzed together with the mayors medicines suppliers and producers (some of the already customer´s of LIS-Solutions) and the authorities in Spain & Germany the best way to distribute the vaccines and other medicines in order to make a flexible and changing Suplpy Chain Configuration that reach any point in Europe. The key point is that we´re already working with some of the biggest Pharmaceutical Companies, we have the knowledge on Supply Chain of Medicines and we do have algorithms to evaluate a Supply Chain in Real Time.

Areas of Application: 

Health, Logistics

Customer Benefits: 

Based on similar previous projects, we estimate that we will be able to reduce the distribution time of medicines by 50%. In addition, we expect to be able to reduce shipping errors by 30%, thus avoiding the delivery of vaccines where they are not needed and optimizing the stock. Reduction of vaccination time: 1.5 years Savings on unspent vaccines 15-20%

Technological novelty: 

Once the simulation model is prepared and trained it can be installed without problems in 1-2 weeks in any Supply Chain. New sources of information can be added almost under plug & play concept

COVID-19 Logistics


Asier Barredo
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