Brief description: 

Key motivation of Cross-CPP project is to give cross-sectorial industries access to the great spectrum of sensor data coming from products from various industrial sectors (vehicles, smart home devices, etc.). With the increasing number of connected sensors and actuators within such mass products, this spectrum of sensor data will rise in short-term. This enormous amount of data continuously generated by mass products will represent:

  • a new information resource to create new value, allowing the improvement of existing services or the establishment of diverse new cross-sectorial services, by combining data streams from various sources
  • a major big data-driven business potential, not only for the manufacturers of Cyber Physical Products (CPP), but in particular also for cross-sectorial industries and various organisations with interdisciplinary applications
Main Features: 

In contrast to today's sporadic proprietary CPP ecosystems, which are in most cases restricted to CPP manufacture specific services and which are not open for third parties interested in these CPP data, the Cross-CPP project focuses on what CPP and their sensor data can bring to the outside world. As key challenges, Cross-CPP aims to overcome several obstacles by establishing a CPP Big Data Ecosystem, with the following main characteristics:

  • Brand independent concept, open for integration of diverse CPP data providers coming from different industrial areas, also providing a standardized cross industrial CPP data model which needs to be flexible enough to incorporate data coming from various industrial sectors.
  • CPP Big Data marketplace providing to service providers a single CPP data access point with just one interface (one-stop-shop), as well as support functionalities for easy data mining/analytics. By these means, data customers (Service Providers) just need to set-up and maintain one interface to gather diverse CPP data from different CPP providers.
  • Controlled access to diverse CPP data streams and optimal management of data ownership and data rights, applicable to various CPP data streams. 
  • Win-Win value chain for all ecosystem partners, due to the fact that the costs for the ecosystem in place can be shared by a great many data customers, which will make a single service more economical.
Areas of Application: 

The Ecosystem and the Marketplace is open for integration of data from diverse manufacturers of mass CPP from different sectors. 

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The approach opens up new business potential and opportunities, that are:

  • Cross-industrial data streams represent new information resource enabling new and innovative business ideas for a full range of potential stakeholders to improve their existing services or to establish new cross-sectorial ones.
  • Strengthen Europe’s position as a provider of innovative big data to ICT services.
  • Design and implementation of a cross-sectorial ecosystem.
  • Access to big data pool based on data streams from various industrial sectors such as automotive or building automation.
  • Empowering data owners to exploit their most valuable assets in the world of IoT (e.g. car owners, smart building users, and operators etc.)
  • Establishment of diverse enhanced / new sectorial and cross-sectorial services.
Customer Benefits: 

The design of the Cross-CPP Ecosystem is driven by the needs of Data Owners, Data Providers and Data Customers and provide benefits for all ecosystem partners:

  • The innovative Ecosystem and the Marketplace will be open for integration of data from other manufacturers of mass CPP in the same (automotive, home automation) or different sectors.
  • The solution offers a brand independent standardized interface and uniform data format (CIDM) → highly attractive for Service Providers, especially SMEs;
  • Linking CPP data from different sectors enables to open-up new business possibilities among manufacturers from various sectors and service providers;
  • Economical solution for all value chain partners, due to a greater amount of data customers;
  • Empowers CPP owners to exploit their most valuable asset in the Internet of Things – their CPP data:
  • The owner can fully control which data he provides to which Service Provider

Benefiting communities:

The communities most likely to benefit from the Cross-CPP results are: 

  1. initially industrial manufactures of CPP – industrial vendors, 
  2. services providers (service departments by CPP vendors themselves, but also external service providers, and particularly SMEs such as ML ( in the Cross-CPP consortium, 
  3. SW providers particularly (such as ATOS which may support the data trading over the Marketplace, data pre-processing, integration, analytics, visualisation etc. Within the requirements analysis phase, the consortium will analyse the needs of different communities.

Multi-sectorial potentials and transfer:

By solving the critical problems related to integration of data streams from various products, 

  • It will provide new opportunities for cross-sectorial cooperation among the CPP manufacturers. 
  • The big advantage of the proposed solution is that it allows for various forms of cooperation among manufacturers from same or different sectors (where there is no direct competition on selling products), i.e. offering win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Socio-economic impact: 

  • Big Data Analytics opens new opportunities to classical manufacturing industry. Many companies in these sectors still have not started to fully use the advantages of this technology. 
  • It is likely to bring impart contribution to overwhelming reluctance of many traditional companies to extend their business to trading with data and extend their products with services based on analytics of large volumes of data streaming from their products. 

European Added Value: 

  • It addresses the need of the European industry of easier generation of services based on data streams generated by CPP, which is of urgency for industry all over Europe, both in large and in small companies, manufacturers of CPP and service suppliers, especially SMEs. 
  • The expected results are required by the EU as a whole, i.e. they are not specifically needed by just certain countries or regions. The objective is to provide cross-sectorial and cross border services using data from various vendors.
Technological novelty: 

Key features of Cross-CPP:

  • Standardized Cross Industrial Data Model
    flexible enough to incorporate CPP data coming from various industrial sectors and to further extend it to future upcoming needs by both, Data Providers and Data Customers
  • CPP Big Data Marketplace with Analytics Toolbox
    One-Stop-Shop” CPP Big Data Marketplace will provide Service Providers a single point of access to data streams from multiple mass products, including a data analytics toolbox, which will provide easy to use big data analytic functionalities for Service Providers
  • Cross Industrial Services
    Cross industrial data streams represent new information resources enabling new and innovative business ideas. In the scope of the Cross-CPP project, the consortium partners will develop several innovative cross-sectorial services
  • An innovative IT environment
    making accessible the data streams coming from mass products, such as vehicles, smart building automation systems.
  • Encourages the development of new cross-sectorial services
    as well as enhancement of diverse existing services, such as hyper-local weather forecast.
Platform / Framework


ATB – Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH
Wiener Straße 1 28359 Bremen
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