Brief description: 

Rise Up Data Pro is LIS-Solutions product for predictive maintenance. Our mission is to use the data robots and machines are creating all the time within industrial facilities to understand them better or even to feel them through data. The product is able to conect to multiple data sources or even directly to the robots, analyze the data in near real time and visualize the resulting information. The product offers three main functionalities: real time monitoring, anomaly detection and failure forecast. Aditional features can be added by request. With the product the customer will be able to identify the status of its machines and thorugh that reduce the time to plan maintenance, increase the machines availability and summarizing reduce the overall maintenance costs. The product is based on innovative technology with a scalable big data architecture, powerfull artificial intelligence and interactive visualization. 

Main Features: 

As explained the product will use the data robots and machines are creating to offer real time monitoring, anomaly detection and failure forecast. 

Areas of Application: 

With our product we target companies with an automated production environment in which a monitoring and predictive maintenance system is required. Those environments can generally be found at medium sized and big companies from automated industries (automotive, electronics, machinery, pharma, chemical).

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

Predictive maintenance as one of the key buzzwords in relation to Industry 4.0 experiencing a hype. Being a disruptive technology with indisputable benefits the market in general has a lot of potential. The global predictive maintenance market is expected to grow from 3.000 Million USD in 2018 to 11.000 Million USD in 2022 growing almost 400% during the next years. Several factors such as increasing demand for big data & Internet of Things (IoT) and focus on reducing operational costs are responsible for the growth of market. Verticals such as government, aerospace & defense, energy & utilities, manufacturing, healthcare, and transportation & logistics have boosted the market. Different studies confirm that most companies accept the importance of predictive maintenance as a success factor, opportunity and necessity for business in future.

Customer Benefits: 

Rise Up Data Pro creates and important productive, economic and emotional value for the user. The user will be able to know and understand the status of its machines anticipating future problems. With this information unplanned downtimes can be prevented, and a higher utilization factor of the resources can be reached increasing productivity. Optimizing maintenance, the machines are preserved improving product quality and reducing storage cost for spare parts. Besides those functional and economic values, the product also can help the user on an emotional level. The product supports the maintenance teams indicating future problems and reducing unexpected and stressing situations. In addition, responsibility to detect problems can be transmitted to the product and personnel dependency be reduced. To sum up and make the point the product creates important additional value reducing time for planning maintenance from 20-50%, increasing the machine availability from 10-20% and overall reducing maintenance cost from 5-10%.

Technological novelty: 

The product is constructed on three main pillars: Big Data Architecture, Artificial Intelligence and Visualization. The product includes standardized data extractors. It is composed by state-of-the-art big data architecture around Apache Kafka with ad-hoc programming in Python and Java. This technological approach is combined with mathematic models creating a scalable, flexible, reliable product with high performance.  

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