Brief description: 

OptiqueVQS is a visual query formulation tool for expressing information needs in terms of queries over ontologies. OptiqueVQS is composed of an interface and a navigation graph extracted from the underlying ontologies. The interface components are populated and driven according to the information in the navigation graph. OptiqueVQS is originally developed within the EU project called Optique and later continued the TheyBuyForYou. Currently, there are two versions available: one with a backend component with some complex business logic for including ranking and filtering of ontology elements and one without any backend working purely on the client-side (the version presented here).  

Main Features: 

Visual query formulation

Areas of Application: 

Easy data access for the domain experts in a variety of fields

Market Trends and Opportunities: 

The proposed solution provides an easy data access mechanism for semantic Knowledge Graphs, which are being used by many for creating Digital Twins.

Customer Benefits: 

Enabling end-users to formulate queries on their own would increase the value creation potential of the industry 

Technological novelty: 

The OptiqueVQS interface is designed as a widget-based user-interface mashup (i.e., UI mashup), which aggregates a set of applications in a common graphical space, in the form of widgets, and orchestrates them for achieving common goals. Apart from flexibility and extensibility, such a modular approach provides us with the ability to combine multiple representation and interaction paradigms and distribute functionality to appropriate widgets.

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Ahmet Soylu
BDVA member
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