Brief description: 

Ciclogreen has developed an analytics and prediction tool that, given the historical data of the traffic flow at a given point in the city, will simulate behaviors that could generate congestion or flow of traffic, public transport, and pedestrians. The solution will include an easy-to-use specific website that will:

– Allow Traffic operators to study mobility patterns.

– Allow users to observe the impact of changes to the traffic control infrastructure.

Main Features: 

Challenge: Optimization of the traffic flow of vehicles, public transportation and pedestrians in the city of Berlin.

Expected outcomes

A software tool or suite that allows

✓ Traffic operators to study behavior of traffic participants.

✓ Users to observe the impact of changes to the traffic control infrastructure (traffic

light switching cycle).

✓ Traffic control operators, visualize the data required, including a history feature.

Areas of Application: 

Mobility, Transport, Traffic

Market Trends and Opportunities: 


• Fiware standard data models

• MongoDB

• MapBoxGL and clusters


• Independent site with access by user and password

• Easy to configurate for other cities or road segments

Customer Benefits: 
  • It complies with the reduction of CO2 emissions and the measures to slow climate change.
  • It improves employee health and promotes physical activity
  • It benefits the community and the environment by reducing traffic in the area
Technological novelty: 

✓ First solution combining data from sensors, cameras and tracking app

✓ Marketing and communication campaigns + data analysis


Component / Service / App


Gregorio M. Toral
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Management
Data processing architectures
Information Service activities
Transport, storage and logistics
Urban Mobility
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