The Challenge is looking for gamification approaches that would help in preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

Lasting changes in human behavior are likely to be required to end the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and to live in the “post-COVID-19” world.

Gamification has been long recognized as a powerful approach to changing social behavior, including health related behavior. The objective of this Challenge is to apply gamification to changing people’s social behavior so that to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other infections.

This is a Public Service (PS) Challenge and as such is not expected to have an award value typically representative of a Challenge demanding equal effort and published by a funded Seeker. Please engage with that expectation. None of InnoCentive PS challenges will involve the transfer of IP as part of the Challenge process, meaning the Solver retains those rights to develop the idea on their own. InnoCentive will retain the non-exclusive right to share the awarded Solver’s submission for promotional purposes.

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