Brief description: 

A center for experimentation in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing that will allow companies to have a testing enviornment for their advanced data analysis applications prior to the launch of a product to the market. The objective of this experimentation center is to accelerate innovation based on Big Data, IA and HPC, providing a demonstration and experimentation environment that brings technologies closer to companies. To this end, a common infrastructure has been put in place that facilitates a safe and reliable environment for the development of projects that require Big Data, IA and HPC. It also facilitates access to open and private data sources that allow realistic simulations and promotes the dissemination of knowledge and good practices that promote the use of enabling technologies (KETs).

Main Features: 

General features:

  • Aligned with the European Big Data Innovation Hubs strategy that proposes the creation of Infrastructures within Europe 
  • Node of the Valencia region, endorsed by BDVA through ITI and which will be part of the European network of DIHs
  • Designed with HPC architectures and specific and agile Big Data for the development of R & D projects
  • Specific datasets in sectors relevant to the Valencia region and oriented to projects with business impact.
  • Initial basis for an extension to a higher order infrastructure.


Shared infrastructure environment based on OpenStack oriented to Big Data and IA solutions. OpenStack is a cloud operating system capable of controlling large pools of computing, storage, and networking in a datacenter, managed by a console that offers administration control and provision of resources through a web interface.

  • 600TB storage system
  • 576 computation cores
  • 6.14 TB of RAM memory
  • Networking: 25Gb and 100 Gb
  • 4 computation machines with 8 Cards NVIDIA TESLA VOLTA V100 GPU, 32 GB HBM2.
  • Scalable and sustainable solution 


  • Infrastructure IaaS based on Open Stack: selected solution is SUSE for CLOUD
  • Infrastructure PaaS (Platform as a Service) based on Ecloud (solution provided by ITI ).
  • Infrastructure BDAaaS (Dig Data Analytics as a Service) based on Radiatus (solution provided by ITI)
  • Infrastructure DaaS based on Open Data Caster


Customer Benefits: 
  • Launch of Big Data Analytics experiments or artificial intelligence 
    • With user's own data.
    • With open sources (batch).
  • Technological advice on BD and IA solutions
  • Collaboration in the design and prototyping of the BD and IA solutions to be used
  • Demonstrators / showroom
  • Training
Platform / Framework


Instituto Tecnológico de Informática (ITI)
BDVA member
BDV Reference categories: 
Data Analytics
Data Management
Data processing architectures
Data Protection
Data Visualisation and Interaction
Readiness Level: 
Big Data
Cloud computing
Artificial Intelligence
innovation space