• COVID-19 Logistics
  • Asier Barredo

Supply Chain Simulation in Order to Speed up the Vaccines & Medicines Transport after the D-Day

It is estimated that there will be a period of 2 or 3 years until the world population is vaccinated due to logistical problems.

  • COVID-19 Other
  • Marcello Petitta

Climate, pollution, meteo data for COVID-19 analysis

The solution is provided in form of a web maps from which all the available data can be explored in terms of fatalities, hospitalization and affected people. Moreover, the climatic condition in terms of temperature, humidity and pollution data.

  • COVID-19 People
  • Richard Stevens

Ethical Considerations to consider in BIg Data Analytics

This is a series of documents describing the Ethical and legal constraints of using BigData as well as the community position on these topics (before the outbreak of Covid-19) as well as a number of guidelines for assessing and implementing Privacy preserving technologies.

  • COVID-19 Medical
  • Tocco

Data Sharing

Response to the impacts related to the COVID-19 crisis, and following the fairly unanimous call to accelerate data sharing, as a key contributor to solving this situation, Dawex took the initiative to launch the COVID-19 Data Exchange. This pro bono initiative is already supported by global organ

  • Platform / Framework
  • CLASS Consortium

CLASS -Edge an d Cloud Computation: A Highly distributed Software for Big Data Analytics

Current trends towards the use of big data technologies in the context of smart cities suggest the need for developing novel software development ecosystems upon which advanced mobility functionalities can be developed.

  • Platform / Framework
  • Germán Herrero

AGORA - Unlocking data-driven business potentials for cross-sectorial industries

AGORA is the B2B data platform broker of Atos to connect Data Providers and Data Consumers, facilitating the access, acquisition and trade-off of Connected Vehicle and Smart Home data under the standardized data model (CIDM).

  • Platform / Framework
  • ELASTIC consortium

ELASTIC: A Software Architecture for Extreme-ScaLe Big-Data AnalyticS in Fog CompuTIng ECosystems

Big data technologies are nowadays being integrated in systems that are required to process a vast amount of information from geographically distributed data sources.

  • Platform / Framework
  • ATB – Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH

Cross-CPP - A single point of access to multiple data streams

Key motivation of Cross-CPP project is to give cross-sectorial industries access to the great spectrum of sensor data coming from products from various industrial sectors (vehicles, smart home devices, etc.).

  • Platform / Framework
  • Alessandro Checco

FashionBrain – novel shopping experience

The FashionBrain solution aims at combining data from different sources to support different fashion industry players by predicting upcoming fashion trends from social media as well as providing personalized recommendations and advanced fashion item search to customers.

  • Component / Service / App
  • University Milano Bicocca - UNIMIB

EW_Shopp – Toolkit for Weather/Event-based Data Enrichment and Analytics

The EW-Shopp toolkit aims at helping companies operating in eCommerce, Retail and Marketing industries improve their efficiency and competitiveness by supporting weather and event-based integration and analytics of data collected by companies during the shopper’s journey, which t