• Platform / Framework
  • DEEP-Hybrid-DataCloud

DEEPaaS - Deep Learning for everybody

The key concept proposed in the DEEP Hybrid DataCloud project is the need to support intensive computing techniques that require specialized HPC hardware, like GPUs or low-latency interconnects, to explore very large datasets.

  • COVID-19 Logistics
  • Gonzalo Barranco

COVID-19 mortality prediction tool: spatial epidemiological approach using Serverless Big Data Analytics.

No scientific answer explains spatial variability underlying spread and mortality of this pandemic.

  • COVID-19 Other
  • Andres Manso

Game Platform contributing to the awareness of the use of preventive measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The theme of the games will be related to the measures to be adopted to prevent the spread of the virus, specified and validated by professionals in the health sector.

  • COVID-19 Medical
  • Oscar Corcho


We have annotated the corpus (full papers and their sentences) with their ATC codes, and made this resource available as an easy to query repository. Besides, we are applying probabilistic topic modelling and clustering techniques to cluster drugs, symptoms, diseases, etc.

  • COVID-19 Logistics
  • Asier Barredo

Supply Chain Simulation in Order to Speed up the Vaccines & Medicines Transport after the D-Day

It is estimated that there will be a period of 2 or 3 years until the world population is vaccinated due to logistical problems.