• COVID-19 Logistics
  • Gonzalo Barranco

COVID-19 mortality prediction tool: spatial epidemiological approach using Serverless Big Data Analytics.

No scientific answer explains spatial variability underlying spread and mortality of this pandemic.

  • COVID-19 Medical
  • Arnaldo Maccarone


STAG4Covid-19 is able to semantically categorize texts according to a given categories taxonomy and to extract from the very text the relevant keywords including Named Entities (NE), i.e. health-related entities. We will use as categories the UMLS Concepts Unique Identifiers (CUIs).

  • COVID-19 Logistics
  • Asier Barredo

Supply Chain Simulation in Order to Speed up the Vaccines & Medicines Transport after the D-Day

It is estimated that there will be a period of 2 or 3 years until the world population is vaccinated due to logistical problems.

  • COVID-19 Other
  • Marcello Petitta

Climate, pollution, meteo data for COVID-19 analysis

The solution is provided in form of a web maps from which all the available data can be explored in terms of fatalities, hospitalization and affected people. Moreover, the climatic condition in terms of temperature, humidity and pollution data.