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  • Georgios Petropoulos

Artificial intelligence in the fight against COVID-19

Artificial intelligence can help fight the coronavirus through applications including population screening, notifications of when to seek medical help and tracking how infection spreads.

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  • Mr Savvas Rogotis

DataBio Agri–Insurance tools and services for the agricolture insurance market

Insurance in the agri-food sector deals with the increasing demand for agricultural insurance products and is expected to play a vital role in the forthcoming years as a tool for risk management.

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  • Spiros Athanasiou


SLIPO is the first comprehensive cloud-based platform for the quality-assured and scalable integration of Big POI data assets. SLIPO reduces the effort, time, and complexity of POI data integration, providing POIs of increased size, coverage, richness and timeliness at a fraction of the cost.

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  • Spiros Mouzakitis

BigDataOcean Platform

BigDataOcean brings a digital revolution the maritime industry by creating a large maritime big data infrastructure that enables collaborative, data-driven intelligence.