• COVID-19 Medical
  • Arnaldo Maccarone


STAG4Covid-19 is able to semantically categorize texts according to a given categories taxonomy and to extract from the very text the relevant keywords including Named Entities (NE), i.e. health-related entities. We will use as categories the UMLS Concepts Unique Identifiers (CUIs).

  • COVID-19 Diagnostics
  • Kirill Vechera

Laboratory Optimizer for Mass Testing

The program is a tool for the laboratory personnel. It plans the process of mixing samples, keeps records of samples and assays, and calculates the results of samples according to the results of assays completed.

  • COVID-19 Other
  • Marcello Petitta

Climate, pollution, meteo data for COVID-19 analysis

The solution is provided in form of a web maps from which all the available data can be explored in terms of fatalities, hospitalization and affected people. Moreover, the climatic condition in terms of temperature, humidity and pollution data.

  • COVID-19 People
  • Richard Stevens

Ethical Considerations to consider in BIg Data Analytics

This is a series of documents describing the Ethical and legal constraints of using BigData as well as the community position on these topics (before the outbreak of Covid-19) as well as a number of guidelines for assessing and implementing Privacy preserving technologies.

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  • University Milano Bicocca - UNIMIB

EW_Shopp – Toolkit for Weather/Event-based Data Enrichment and Analytics

The EW-Shopp toolkit aims at helping companies operating in eCommerce, Retail and Marketing industries improve their efficiency and competitiveness by supporting weather and event-based integration and analytics of data collected by companies during the shopper’s journey, which t

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  • Matteo Palmonari


ABSTAT is an ontology-driven linked data profiling framework that aims to help users in an effortless understanding of the data.

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  • University of Milan-Bicocca


ASIA (the name stands for Assisted Semantic Interpretation and Annotation of tables) is a table-annotation tool primarily designed to use semantic approaches for the enrichment of tabular data with new information, possibly comi

  • Process
  • Ephrem Habyarimana

DataBio – Datadriven genomic prediction

Big data-driven genomic prediction and selection algorithms (GS) designed as a solution to the technological limitations (costly and time-consuming) met with current breeding approaches. The intention is to proceed with a value proposition to plant breeding entities locally and globally.

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  • Università degli Studi di Trento

Modal split services

The QROWD Modal Split toolkit is a disruptive solution to generate dynamic Modal Split (MS) indicators.

  • Platform / Framework
  • Datawizard


Pharmawizard is a digital healthcare solution that empowers citizens to better manage their day-to-day health through user-friendly virtual services such as drug and symptom research, comparison, therapy management and communication with pharmacists and doctors.