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  • AEGIS IT Research LtD

AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit (AVT)

AEGIS has designed and implemented the AEGIS Advanced Visualization Toolkit that is an extensible software with a wide application scope, ranging from Digital Forensic Analysis to Big Data analytics.

  • Process
  • Sotiris Diamantopoulos

E2Data Natural Language Processing

The Language Processing use case will focus on processing large amounts of messages from social media, such as Twitter, in order to perform semantic information extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization, interpretation and organization of content.

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  • iProov

E2Data Biometric Security

E2Data Biometric Security service will be able to meet the dual challenge of intensive computational workloads and differentiated quality of service to deliver a high availability and performant anti-spoofing service.

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  • Datris Limited

DatrisAI Community Mapping

Datris has been applying its AI technology to develop a Community Mapping Tool that can identify, validate and profile community based organisations, clubs, groups and charities.