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  • ELASTIC consortium

ELASTIC: A Software Architecture for Extreme-ScaLe Big-Data AnalyticS in Fog CompuTIng ECosystems

Big data technologies are nowadays being integrated in systems that are required to process a vast amount of information from geographically distributed data sources.

  • Process
  • Ephrem Habyarimana

DataBio – Datadriven genomic prediction

Big data-driven genomic prediction and selection algorithms (GS) designed as a solution to the technological limitations (costly and time-consuming) met with current breeding approaches. The intention is to proceed with a value proposition to plant breeding entities locally and globally.

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  • Mr Savvas Rogotis

DataBio Agri–Insurance tools and services for the agricolture insurance market

Insurance in the agri-food sector deals with the increasing demand for agricultural insurance products and is expected to play a vital role in the forthcoming years as a tool for risk management.

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  • Infotripla

Urban traffic fluency model

A comprehensive city traffic model based on various diferent data sources. The model can be used e.g to present traffic situation of the street network on a map user interface or to generate traffic incident data to other applications.